Dr. Donna Polk Stenson | Founder, Chief Executive Officer | MWOI Global

Dr. Donna Polk Stenson is highly regarded among those in her field as a woman of divinity, philanthropy and leadership. Since 1993, she has excelled as the founder, chief executive officer and president of the Men & Women of Integrity Synchronized Global Gathering Organization (MWOI Global). Notably, the ministry has grown to serve 32 countries and has blessed nine different churches in Pakistan, Nigeria and Tanzania. Among her duties, Dr. Polk Stenson facilitates projects to meet the needs of low-income single parents and the elderly, statewide and overseas.

MWOI Global has served families needing assistance from Genesis Women’s Shelter, Pakistan Grace Church, Brenda Ellis Children’s Home, HECLIFE, Tanzania families, Nigeria children and The Salvation Army, as well as individuals who have been forced out of their homes. Over the past 25 years, the organization has provided food, clothing, household goods, furniture, toiletries, school and medical supplies, along with vitamins. To attest to the organization’s reach, Dr. Polk Stenson has been featured on “Better Together” on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Abundantly educated, Dr. Polk Stenson has matriculated through Dallas Baptist University, Healing Thine Heart Ministries, the Therapon Institute, El Centro College and Jakes Divinity School. She attained a Doctorate of Humanity from the Harvest Bible University and is an esteemed alumnus of Jakes Divinity School, mastering “Women In Leadership” and “God’s Leading Ladies” programs through Jakes Divinity at The Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas. In addition, she is a Certified Belief Therapist, Adult Mental Health Aide and Licensed/Ordained Elder. Dr. Polk Stenson formerly worked as a paralegal and has been an invited guest to CrimeCon. She maintains professional affiliation with the National Notary Association, Chaplains of Texas and CrimeCon.

Upon reflection, Dr. Polk Stenson attributes her success to her servant leader for God and His divine guidance, helping others with their vision to succeed with integrity, without any hidden agendas and genuinely loving people. Looking ahead, MWOI Global has future goals of providing high school graduation assistance, transitional assistance and scholarship provision and to fund and coordinate the digging of wells in Africa with the support of others who will send in charitable contributions to her 501(c)3. In her spare time, Dr. Polk Stenson enjoys traveling, reading and finding new ways to help others.

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